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What be Will Politics Like in 100 Years?

Losing is easy; winning could be challenging. However, winning doesn’t require you to be rich or famous. Instead, it comes down to the ability to lead your country to be a better place in the world and make people feel happy. And that’s what politics are all about! The art of steering policy from one end to another remains the core of our political system, which has continued to evolve since its inception centuries ago. This article on politics in 100 years captures that change in technologies and shapes a glimpse into the future of politics.


Do you know that politics has changed many times in the past?

In the 18th century, politics was still informal or chaotic. There were very few rules governing it; people could be elected to high office by anyone who led soldiers into battle and won over a group of electors (representatives). They were called “Captains General” but earned their well-deserved title duke! Today celebrities rather than war heroes are our Captains Generals – although there is no doubt that others can lead us in the modern-day.

In Paris, the art of politics began with trade leaders going there to have their say and make sure that they got what they wanted. As a result, political debates were held till late at night on which side benches should be arranged for each group, thus enabling them more seats and power!


Politics in Future after 100 Years

Politics in 100 years will be very different from what it is today. There are many predictions about what the future will look like, and most of them are wildly inaccurate. However, a few things seem likely to happen in the next 100 years.

First, technology will continue to change at an incredible rate and new ways of communicating and interacting with the world around us will be developed. Second, societies will become increasingly globalized and could bubble in and out of individual countries, thus severing the link citizens once had to their nation.

In the 100 years that follow, people might vote in multiple nations, or maybe even a new form of government will be implemented. No one knows, but all signs point to our culture and society becoming more globalized with technology advancing at an alarming rate.

Given the world we live in now, one can only imagine what it will look like a hundred years from today. The future of politics is inspiring. Politics has always been a part of every society since the beginning because it was necessary to make sure that people were safe and had enough food to eat. However, the world will look very different in 100 years with new technology!



Politics is an integral part of every society, and it has always been necessary to make sure that people are safe and have enough food. With new technology, however, the future of politics looks very different. The world will look very different, and new forms of politics will be implemented in the coming years. No one knows what the future will look like, but all signs point to it becoming more globalized and technology advancing at a tremendous rate!

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